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At Mind Sight Firearms Training, we provide high-quality education and training for individuals and families choosing a lifestyle of responsible ownership, use and carry of handguns for self-protection at home and in public.

Why Should I Train?  Why is it important to train and prepare for a situation we pray will never happen? Because we choose to be responsible and safe citizens. While owning a handgun for personal protection is the right of every law abiding American, we also have the responsibility to acquire and maintain a proficient skill set to safely use and carry our handgun for personal defense.  For the protection of ourselves and our families, we consistently prepare and train our mind and body for that unpredictable moment... a moment that comes with lifelong consequences.

How Should I Train?  Shooting skills are perishable and will deteriorate with lack of consistent training and practice. We have a responsibility to our families and other people around us to maintain a very high level of training and effective mindset. 

Imagine saving the life of a family member or fellow American because you have consistently prepared and trained your mind and body for this scenario. Conversely, imagine reacting to a situation you have never thought of, or trained for… and you find yourself on trial for murder or in a civil court battle trying not to lose everything you have worked for in your life.

Prepare and educate yourself 

There are 3 possible outcomes of a deadly force situation:

  1. You respond by relying on your consistent training and using the skills you have built for the protection of yourself and your family.
  2. You respond without having trained yourself or your mind and live with consequences ~ morally, legally and financially.
  3. You don't respond and live with the result of someone else’s actions.

What kind of gun owner are you?

What will Mind Sight classes train me to do?

All of our classes promote the responsible ownership, use and carry of handguns.  All students learn the 5 Safety Rules for On and Off the Gun Range, however additional course content varies. Please refer to our class links above.

  • Minnesota Permit to Carry Classes
  • Basic Handgun Fundamentals Classes
  • Intermediate Handgun Fundamentals Classes
  • Women Only Basic Handgun Fundamentals Classes

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