Concealed Weapon
Firearm License


We offer both group classes and private instruction!

Please see our 2017 course catalog for current pricing and offerings

Minnesota Permit To Carry - $60.00/Person
This 6-hour class gives necessary paperwork and foundational instruction on MN PTC (CCW). You can apply for your MN Permit to Carry at your local Sheriff Department after taking this class.
PREREQUISITE/NOTES: Basic firearms skills are recommended before PTC, but not required.
Basic Handgun Fundamentals - $80.00/Person
This 2-hour “range only” class is the foundation of practical pistol skills gained through repetitious drills. The 8 fundamentals of shooting are covered.
Dynamic Practical Pistol - $100.00/Person
This 2-hour “range only” class is for intermediate shooters. Holster drawing in dynamic environment. Basic Handgun Fundamentals or equivalent experience is required before this class. Class size is small to maintain safety for each student.
PREREQUISITE/NOTES: Intermediate shooting skills
MILO Simulator Training - $40.00/Person
Used during inclement weather or anytime to hone your skills with short realistic scenario’s in the MILO video training simulator for decision making “shoot/no- shoot” drills and verbal commands.
Custom Private Training - $80.00/Hour
A custom private session is customized to the individual/family. Firearms skills training, firearms selection and maintenance, or a combination of skills can be customized at your request. Some customers like the combination of shooting then learning proper maintenance of the firearm in one session.
React and Respond For Citizens - $100.00/Person
Whether or not you have your MN Permit to Carry (CCW), this comprehensive 6- 8 hour class can be considered a “CCW – 2” class and is designed for everyday citizens to be placed in live scenarios to make decisions in simulated life threatening situations. Students will also learn hands on first aid and self- protection skills in a positive feedback environment. This class concludes with range time to hone your shooting skills. (*1st Responders can use this class for CEU credits for recertification)
Family Day - $60.00/Adult
Attention Parents, no need to find daycare for your kids, we offer “on-site” childcare. Upon sign up, please include child(s) ages. In this (approximate) 2-hour class, parent(s) can hone their shooting skills on a semi-enclosed outdoor range, while their children play and learn indoors in a safe environment. All participants will participate in a brief safety/awareness lesson presented from a licensed educator/family advocate. NOTE - Mind Sight Firearms Training is not equipped to train children under 18 years old in firearms training. Shooters must supply their own ammo. You are welcome to bring your own firearm. If renting a Mind Sight firearm, please choose quality brass 9mm ammo. Experienced shooters can draw from holster during this class. Bring 200 rounds of ammunition specific to the caliber of your gun.
PREREQUISITE/NOTES: $10 per child $10/gun rental (if needed)
Firearm Cleaning Clinic and Firearm Selection - $25.00/Person
So, you have that gun you’ve used at the range, but do you know how to disassemble your firearm? Or you’ve been thinking about purchasing your first firearm. In this class students will properly clean and lubricate it, and reassemble their own firearm.
PREREQUISITE/NOTES: Customers can request an in-home firearm Cleaning Clinic. Modern firearms only please, no antiques. Customer must supply firearm cleaning kit and supplies.
Low-Light Flashlight Class - $80.00/Person
Have you ever thought about needing to move through your darkened home to protect a loved one from a home invader, while controlling your personal firearm and a flashlight? In this 2-hour range only class, students will learn the basics of controlling your personal defense handgun and a flashlight while engaging in live fire shooting skills. Please bring a handheld flashlight you can control with one hand while controlling a flashlight and all your shooting gear.